let’s create TOGETHER


Creative Rebirth is about bringing creativity back. I’ll be sharing some of my creative genius with you which I’ve been holding back for way too long…this shit soooo needs to come out!! My intention is also to inspire others to do the same…to let their true self out into the world through creativity which is essential to everyone’s well-being and happiness. Good thing creativity comes in a million different forms, so there is definitely something for everyone. You just might not know what it is yet or maybe it changed or maybe you’ve known all along. Either way, let’s embrace this together!

I have some cool ideas for this blog that would involve the help of some of you other creative geniuses out there! So stay with me. You’ll be glad you did :)

Oh yeah, so about the frog pic. Frogs = Rebirth. The first night I showed up at Omega this past August (for those of you who don’t know…Omega is a wellness retreat center I lived/worked at for 2 months), I spotted a frog chillin’ on a stair. I could’ve stepped on that guy, as it was so dark, but there he was, looking up at me as if to say “your rebirth starts now, girlfr…ribbit.” The next day, I found a ton more frogs on my way to meditate, and I was infatuated by them from that day forward. I seriously loved watching them, like A LOT. They were so peaceful and meditative and so darn adorable! As my love grew in those first few weeks, I still had no idea what the significance of frogs were. Not until I randomly mentioned my newfound obsession to my amazing life coach, Michelle, and she told me. Weeeeeell, that explained a lot.


Now, please go to the bottom of this page in the gray area and submit your email address to follow this blog and get updates. As I said, you will love this. And I will love you…ok, fine, I already do :)



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