“there are no mistakes in ART, only OPPORTUNITIES”

A fellow blogger’s wise words on creativity in children, but let’s be honest, we can all relate to this and we are all big children anyway (or at least, we should be!)

REintroducing CUBEY …

cubey collage

48w . 16d . 16h
plywood . nickel

Cubey was a definite test of trial and error…and error…and then some more error. 99% of my designs include me thoroughly thinking through how the piece will be constructed. I love that part just as much as I love coming up with cool shit to make. But Cubey, well, he was a bit different. I got really excited about this spirally shaped large coffee table structured around all-thread and exposed bolts…yeah, nice try Dawn, but no way that was going to hold this monster together. It was a visual beauty and a structural mess. Thankfully, I’m such a great designer that I rallied, sketched up a few more ideas, discussed it with my woodworker, and voila, the Cubey you see here was born! It’s those errors that lead to greater more bad ass ideas and how I grow as a person and a designer every day! Yay me! ;)

So now for the story about the silver “dots” on the top of the table. At my last job, we tended to move around the office fairly often, as people come and go or move to different teams. On moving day, as I was getting settled in my new desk, I saw these cool looking modern round metal objects under the desk. I went up to the past tenant and asked if she wanted them back, just because that was the right thing to do, but in my head, I was thinking these are cool and they shall be mine. She told me they were door stops (they would install on the floor or ceiling to stop a door from swinging open too far) and she didn’t really need them anymore. Told you they’d be mine.

I left them in my desk drawer for probably over a year until Cubey came into my world. I wanted there to be a decorative and functional purpose to the hardware at the top of the table. I was thinking of solid steel rod cut down to fit in the holes, or using some giant bolts that look neat, or some other material. And then the lightbulb popped out from the top of my head (like for reals, it felt just like that in my head)…wait, what about those random doorstops I have in my desk drawer? Hmmmm. Went to work, pulled them out and was like, hell yeah, these are perfect and pretty and OMG! Way to be resourceful and reuse stuff. Your welcome, Earth. Mailed them to my woodworker and voila, Cubey’s top just got sexier and cost me nothing!

Damn, 2 paragraphs about doorstops…hope you’ll return tomorrow to learn more about Triple D.

REintroducing CURVES …

curves collage

24w . 6d . 2h

2 shelves with an integral wall cleat. I created this design with the intention of not exposing the face of the plywood. As you have seen, a lot of my pieces are designed with this in mind…for a number of reasons: I can use less expensive plywood, it is much more challenging to design, and the beauty of cutting through those layers is unparalleled (at least in my opinion and hopefully I have changed all of yours by now too!).

Curves was another reminder of how incredibly not convenient it is to do woodworking while living in NYC with no car, no where to store anything and no way to be at the woodshop to receive wood deliveries.  Curves was built when I was living in Brooklyn and a member of 3rd Ward (OMG, I just now discovered that they closed their doors in 2013…so sad), where I had access to a woodshop.  I worked near Home Depot in Flatiron, so I set out at lunchtime to buy a 2’ x 4’ sheet of ½” thick plywood, which I then carried almost 1 avenue and 3 streets back to the office. And yes, even though I’m super buff, I still had to put it down a few times, take a breath and then continue. Thankfully, I worked for a company that had tradesmen with saws (Does that statement turn anyone else on?…no? Just thought I’d ask.) so they cut the sheet down into strips and taped up the strips, equipped with a NYC “tape handle” (all you city peeps know what that is) so I could more easily commute 45 minutes with my newly acquired plywood. Keep in mind, it was no less heavy and uncomfortable to carry, it was just in a different shape. Yeah, so this was the 2nd and LAST furniture piece I made while living in NYC…maybe a smaller, lighter hobby would have been better?!? Paper crafts? Jewelry making?…

REintroducing ELEMENTS …

element collage

16w . 16d . 16h
plywood . tealights

2 tables, each with 2 holes for standard tealights and cubbies to store pillows, blankets, books, toys, etc.  They can be set up together as a coffee table or end tables on either side of your sofa.

Elements was the second piece I built with my own hands and it came about when I realized that I couldn’t possibly handle the original, much larger, table design.  I went to the shop all ready to build a large coffee table, started cutting three sheets of plywood into the necessary size layers when I realized “Oh shit, this piece takes 3 sheets of plywood to build, which means it will weigh as much as 3 sheets of plywood (duh) and tiny me can barely lift 1 sheet!!!  Shit, now what?!?” I went back to the drawing board that night to rework my design to utilize all of the pieces I had already cut that day.  The following day, I was back at the shop with a new design that somewhat broke the table into 2 smaller tables…and the rest is history. Ah, the joys of being a green woodworker ;)

element collage gallery

Left to right: a local art exhibit at the Garnerville Arts Center in October 2013; a private show I arranged at a Manhattan furniture showroom in April 2014.

how does your heART feel today ?


This drawing was speaking to me today, so I just had to share it with you (in lieu of Elements REintroduction, but don’t worry as they’ll be here tomorrow!).

I’ve had some HEARTy changes in my life this week and have been working on some serious self-lovin’ for the past few weeks. I assume I am not alone in this, so pick out the heart that resonates with you the most at this very moment! xoxoxo

REintroducing INTERSECT …

intersect collage

22.5w . 17.5d . 20.5h
plywood . glass . concrete

My inspiration for Intersect came from the interplay of intersecting different materials as the overall structure of the piece (similar to My Baby).

Intersect is the heaviest tiny table ever. It takes two strong men to carry which looks quite funny I might add…”look, 2 big guys carrying 1 tiny table…hahaha!” Men, please don’t let my sense of humor dissuade you from purchasing this awesome piece. I will admire your strength and confidence as you carry this very tiny table to your car, I promise ;)

what’s YOUR TYPE ?

So, that’s all for the personal ads. Ok, that’s actually all for now period. I have probably a hundred more designs on paper just waiting to come to life! Wait, if I built it, they will come…isn’t that how that goes? Hmmmm…

I hope y’all have enjoyed what you’ve seen so far. Sooooo, do all of you want to know more about each of these pieces and see more pics of them??? YES, Dawn, of course we do! I knew it! Ok good, cause that’s this coming week’s posts, so put on them reading classes, curl up and get ready to be entertained.

If you hadn’t realized it from my crafty wording in the personal ads, I’d also like to mention that all of these pieces need a happy caring home. The upcoming posts will include dimensions and prices. The price does not include shipping as these pieces are quite hefty, and I’d have to look deeper into shipping costs per piece. I am currently living in the metro NY area rooming with all of these sexy singles, so pickup/delivery is definitely an option to the surrounding areas/states.

And for those of you only seeing this on the Facebook, go to www.creativerebirth.net to view them all together. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed. Seriously, I don’t lie.
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I would so love to hear your feedback….Which piece is your favorite???? (Feel free to include ‘Dawn’ in your answer ;) )

meet DAWN …


A sexy talented blue-eyed furniture designer. I’m sure that’s enough to peak your interest, but I’ll keep going…I’ve been in love with designing furniture for 13 years now, but I’ve been holding back, afraid that it would never be able to reciprocate that love. I would get back together with this passion for a few months and then run away again, leaving my sketches to collect dust on my bookshelf and hiding my models under my bed. Sadly, this has been a fairly regular on-and-off occurrence for the past 13 years. Now, I see that this relationship is meant to be – it needs to be. We can’t pretend any longer.

Three months ago, I left my secure well-paid full-time Manhattan job and city life in seek of my true self. I had misplaced it (and misused it) in order to survive a hectic, stressful lifestyle in NYC. Until my body started warning me through its aches and pains and shortness of breath; and my mind just wasn’t keeping up like it used to; and my heart…well, that had been shut down for quite some time. Even with all of this, it was still not an easy change, but also not as hard as you may think when it was truly the right thing for me. So these past 6 months of healing, exploring, self-loving have brought me back, once again, to my furniture design passion (not really shocking at all)…

Do you want to hear about how this passion came to be? Ok, I’ll tell you. My first piece (“My Baby”) was designed and built in my last year of college (talk about crappy timing to learn that I loved something else when I was already fully committed to Interior Design). The moment that I watched Tom (awesome shop guy) put that chunk of laminated plywood through the band saw, I was hooked (insert image of an old Looney Tunes cartoon where Bugs Bunny’s heart beats outside his chest). And that’s when I knew the bottom of that table would be exactly that – plywood – yet much bigger and heavier and all hand-carved by yours truly. By the way, doesn’t all of this woodworking business make me sound even sexier? Call me!

So that piece was magical to me. It was a challenging design, yet every piece fit together perfectly. Because I put my heart and soul into it! I spent countless hours sanding and grinding and mocking up and finishing each piece. And I had not enjoyed anything that much in a long time (other than getting drunk with friends, but you know what I mean). I had discovered something huge inside myself that is still living in there to this day and man, is it ready to ply! Get it?

I hope that you all have enjoyed my creative awesomeness and will come back for more as I continue to share. Your comments, suggestions, praise are all appreciated through either social media or email at rebirthisrad@gmail.com.




meet 10 BLOCKS …


A handsome rich single coffee table from the big city. Sporting 10 buff legs, all the more to hold up your goods. He is a part-time model (and part-time bartender and part-time actor, OBVIOUSLY) and loves practicing plyometrics regularly to keep up that great shape!